About Krystal-Ann Melbourne

I am more empathetic toward inanimate objects than people. For example, I rotate which teacup I use each day---because I don't want any one cup to feel worthless, unloved, or without purpose.

I understand that it's illogical. Teacups don't have emotions. But I do it anyway; I feel bad if I don't. I'm also cripplingly terrified of wasps. Seriously. And I'm not even allergic to them.

The Real World

Life outside my head

I'm an author and artist living in Montreal with my two fat cats. Since neither writing nor painting pays the rent, I also work full time as a Video Game Playtester (which is the best thing ever) for a game which I'm not allowed to tell anyone about.

My other interests include teaching myself piano, violin, knitting, cooking, baking, making dreamcatchers, and gardening. I'd really like to get into creating art from sandblasting old windows, and I'm always working to improve my French.

My main writing focus right now is querying A Balance of Souls and outlining its sequel, Kiadei. Next I'll be working on the first draft of a YA project, Claudian's Keys.

My Other Homes

Across the internet and back again

@ABalanceofSouls is my Twitter page. This is where I will post any small updates about me and my writing. I'm also happy to chat there and will never turn down a good cat meme.

Scribophile is an online writing community where I exchange critiques and advice with other authors. Most of my time there is spent on timed writing sprints, so if you ever want to see someone bashing their face into the keyboard in an attempt to keep working, this is the place.

Tea & Rain

These are a few of my favourite things

Season: Spring

Flower: Orchid

Movie: Sweeny Todd

Manga: Fairy Tail

Novel: The Lies of Lock Lamora
(or any of its series)

Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Historical Fiction

Role Model: Hypatia

Music: Violin covers of 90s pop & rock

Game: Breath of the Wild. I cannot describe it as anything other than amazing.

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