Progress Update - Claudian's Keys 1st Beta

The first beta reader round for Claudian’s Keys is done :D

I have lots of good feedback and a solid 4k worth of jot-notes for things to add or improve. It may be possible to reach 65k words after all, and, as a whole, people liked it. I’m actually quite optimistic. If only A Balance of Souls could be so simple D:

Other updates:

  • I’m nearly done writing chapter 21 of Claudian’s Keys. I aim to have it finished this week and the draft finished this month.

  • I’m converting my Cardface outline from a pile of ideas on scrap papers to an actual notebook, then colour coding the scenes for plot and character arcs to check the pacing and tension escalation.

  • I’ve designed the setting for Hesitation :) I’m drawing a map