June Writing Update

Claudian’s Keys is finished its final round of beta readers! :)

I have a short list of changes I’d like to make to the final draft, and then I hope to begin querying it in July/August.

A Balance of Souls is progressing two ways at the moment:

  1. The Encyclopedia

    I’ve been fleshing out a ton of the world building and collecting it all in a physical encyclopedia (which I will one day polish and publish, but for now it’s just a reference for myself). I’ve taken the first week of July off work specifically for creating artwork to fill this encyclopedia. Once I have a nice amount of it, I may make a new section on this website to share it. :)

  2. Cardface (ABoS Book 1)

    During June, my plan is to finish the final outline for Cardface, as well as a rough draft of its Synopsis and Query. Afterwards, I’m going to begin a skeleton draft, block out all the scene shifts, transitions, etc., and then start salvaging the original ABoS draft and sprinkling it where I can throughout Cardface.