July Writing Update

It’s been a month aaaand I’ve done nothing on Claudian’s Keys.

There’s only a day or two of work to go on it, then finalizing the query research and sending them out. I have no logical reason not to do it. I think I’m procrastinating out of fear. I think all the rejection of the original A Balance of Souls is poking the back of my brain telling me that I’m wrong, that Claudian’s Keys isn’t ready yet, that it’s actually a hot mess like the original ABoS was (and that was a hot mess—I know, because I’m going through it and seeing what I can salvage right now.)

I do the same thing with video games sometimes. I stop playing them just before the end, because I suspect the ending will disappoint me.

I need to get over this.

Next week, I swear. All my lunch hours at work will be dedicated to Claudian’s Keys >: ( I will finish it before I dive too much deeper into Cardface, because once I drown myself in Cardface, I’m not coming up for air any time soon.

Speaking of…

The chapter summaries are done. They are 13k words long on their own, which is far too long for a synopsis, but a good length for me to transform them into a skeleton draft. My favourite beta is reading over them right now. The next three months (other than Claudian’s Keys *cough) are dedicated to making that skeleton draft. I’m hoping to get halfway done it, since I’ll be busy with moving preparation at the same time.

I’ve also spent some time on world building this past while. I’ve collected all my references for the felkin language in one place (which was harder than it sounds. Some of them were in notebooks from 8th grade.) I’ve also been exploring ideas for the plantlife on Samarie Island, and the architecture of Nihl, my world’s neo-apocalyptic capital city (this terminology makes sense in my head, I swear.)

Until next time…

*glares at the Claudian’s Keys to-fix list some more