Side Projects


Photography & Art

Though my art has to live in the time between writing and work, I still enjoy creating new pieces from time to time.

Here, I’ve collected all art and photography not seen elsewhere on the site.


ABoS the Manga

I have a secret dream to turn A Balance of Souls into an digitally animated manga.

Of course, I will need to finalize the series outline and get some more practice with the necessary tools first.


ABoS Encyclopedia

In order to have consistency between all the novels in the main A Balance of Souls series, as well as the planned Kiadei series, I’ve been expanding and recording enough aspects of the world, language, history, and characters to concoct a sizable encyclopedia.

islanddragonphotoshoped - Copy.jpg


I’ve temporarily disabled this section while I submit some of my poetry to contests. If I lose horribly, it’ll be back up after :P

On shockingly rare occasions, I write poetry. Poetry that tends to be spewed out in under an hour. I have no idea about any of the proper mechanics or techniques, but I’m still quite proud of some of them.